Meet Nashid

Our Vision

To provide users with ownership of their own digital identities in a way that is privacy-preserving, trusted, permanent, and extensible

Our Mission

To help service providers and enterprises build pure digital experiences by enabling the identity layer of the digital economy

The story behind Nashid...

The idea of nashid came to Ahmed after an unfortunate event of having his identity stolen in the internet and realizing that the current processes of verifying who you are in the internet is not secure and outdated as there are over 2.5 million identities like his that are stolen each year worldwide. Anyone that steals and hacks your data is able to impersonate you and commit fraud.
Nashid was then established in early 2022 to address these issues and developed with time to consist of an enterprise ready digital identity platform and an identity wallet for end-users

The founding team

ahmed black background.png

Ahmed Al Marjeby

Co-founder &CEO

Ahmed Al Marjeby is a Chemical Engineering Graduate from Melbourne, Australia, and a seasoned executive who founded two previous technology projects: one locally within the ecommerce sector, and the other internationally within the blockchain sector

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Mahmood Al Lawati

Co-founder & CTO

Mahmood Al Lawati is a Chemical Engineering Graduate from Melbourne, Australia, and a thought leader who was awarded a PhD Scholarship in Nanotechnology at the age of 22 but chose entrepreneurship over pursuing his academic research

Want to get started

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