Identity-Tech for Digital Economies

Nashid is a Platform for Verified Credentials - powered by the blockchain - that allows businesses to verify customers’ data in real-time to prevent fraud and impersonations

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Seamless on-boarding of your customers
with just a single click!


Verify your customers digitally without the cost of having a physical branch


Eliminate the guessing game and forget about human errors and paperwork


By design any personal identifiable information only exists with the customer


The Identity data is protected with biometrics and post-quantum cryptography

Meet Nashid.Verify

An identity verification tool integrated seamlessly in your application for easy and robust new customers on-boarding

Optical Character Recognition

Read and extract data from the identity document

Near Field Communication

Extract data from NFC chips in the identity document

Facial Recognition and Liveliness Detection

Ensure the person is real and matches the identity document

Nashid’s Digital Identity Platform

Powered by the Blockchain
An ecosystem of trust based on a decentralized model of digital identities

Purposely built for your industry

Lead the innovation race with Nashid


Reduce Identity fraud and cut your KYC/AML costs while boosting user experience, security, and privacy


Enable a fully digital experience for your customers without the need to come to your physical branch


Ditch the paperwork by issuing and verifying digital academic credentials to your students and staff


Create a unique, stress-free journey for employee and visitors for frictionless access into company systems

Our Technology Stack

Our technology stack is based on worldwide tech standards to ensure interoperability and growth

Want to get started

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