Nashid's Digital Identity Platform

the one stop shop of decentralised identity verification platform facilitating the execution of pilots and integrations

Our Technology Stack

The technology stack chosen to build Nashid’s software is one that aligns and mirrors the international open standards set by the internet’s leading standards body

Issue, Store and Verify

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Issue verifiable credentials

Automate the issuance of digital documents to your users in a simple, standardized format.
Create, validate, and digitally sign identity credentials according to W3C standards for global interoperability


Secure storage of personal data

Empower your user-base with free, user-controlled storage of digital credentials via our simple & secure mobile ID Wallet.
Help them send and receive unlimited credentials, anytime, anywhere

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Verify users in seconds

Verify users with the most secure & privacy-preserving single-sign on technology.
Offer 1-click, password-less and compliant access to your services while reducing the risk of data breaches and on-boarding abandonment rates.


All your identity needs covered

Plug & play

Instant deployment, pay as you go


Privacy Regulation & KYC compliant


For both businesses & end-users

The Basics

Three roles to establish the trust ecosystem


Holders are individuals and digital credential owners who store, manage, and share credentials through the use of a digital ID Wallet.


Entities that issue identity credentials to holders. For example: Universities, corporations, financial institutions, governments hospitals


Service providers that require identity verification and authentication for access to their services. Issuers are often verifiers and vice versa.

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